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Review of 'International Coach Academy'

Summary Statistics

Region: Global   Add your review
ICF Relationship: Accredited    
Training Platform: Teleclass    
Training Hours: 200+    
Year Founded: 2001    

US$3,999 and new- they have payment plans

Refunds: 30 days    
Training Special: No    
Preferred Provider: Yes    

School Training Special

ICA has not made a training special available through

Can you suggest an alternative school which does have a training special?

Yes, as alternatives to this school we suggest:

'Institute for Life Coach Training' (Global/ICF Accredited/Teleclass)

Comprehensive Coaching U Coaching Kit (Global/Teleclass)

Or use our School Chooser WizardT to find your best-fit school.



  • Remote training option; can train from anywhere in the world
  • 30 day refund policy


* * *

The biggest advantage ICA has going for it is the quality of training. While many school's training programs have been designed by coaches, ICA's training was designed by Robyn Logan, who has a Masters in Education, specialising in online learning.

The 30 day refund should give you some comfort, although it's very unlikely you'll need it. The ICA community is quite active, and you'll find some real movers and shakers there - in several countries.

ICA recently 'let go' it's head teleclass leader, Bernard Wheatley, which is a big loss to the company; Bernie's teleclasses were famous in several countries.

Students of this school would join because they want a strong coaching community, the luxury of virtual training, and have an appreciation of high quality training.



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