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Review of 'Institute for Life Coach Training'

(for therapists, counselors, psychologists and Christians)

Summary Statistics

Region: Global   Add your review
Niche: - Therapists, counselors, psychologists
- Christians
ICF Relationship: Accredited    
Training Platform: Teleclass    
Training Hours: 130    
Year Founded: 1998    
Full Cost: US$5,500 (convert)    
Entry Level Course: 40 hours/US$1,995 (convert)    
Refunds: 14 days    
Training Special: Yes    
Preferred Provider: Yes    



  • Run by a Master Certified Coach
  • Accredited by ICF and NACSAA
  • Specific support for therapists, counselors, psychologists and Christians ('helping professionals')
  • Remote training option; can train from anywhere in the world
  • Entry level course available
  • 14 day money back guarantee


  • Can't find any yet!

Pat Williams

* * *

Quite simply, if you are a helping professional, your choice seems very simple. Why? Because no other coaching schools that I know of focus specifically on training this niche. ILCT understands where you've come from, what you know, and how to add on to your existing knowledge to make you an effective, successful coach. Other schools, however, may make you start from scratch.

Founder Pat Williams, a therapist and life coach, knows that making the transition from therapist to coach requires some specialized training. That's the principle behind the Institute for Life Coach Training and the program formerly known as Therapist U. Williams says, "As a therapist, you're forced into the medical model, the idea that people are sick and need to be fixed. The coaching model says that people are whole and need to be uncovered. Everybody has his or her level of brilliance and coaching is about uncovering that."

I like the fact that the founder is not only a Master Certified Coach himself, but is also an ICF board member, so you know you're in good hands. The money back guarantee also lends some comfort - it's unlikely you'll pull out once you begin, but isn't it nice to know the option is there - just in case?

Training is via teleclass, so you can take it from anywhere in the world given the incredibly low cost of international calls now. It's also great that they have offices in several countries, to make it easier with time zones. And the program is ICF accredited, giving it the official stamp of the ICF, which is consistent with the price of the full course.

If you have a Christian philosophy or values, then the separate, specially designed Christian track is just for you.

Students of this school would join because they come from a 'helping professional' background, and don't want to start completely from scratch. Also people wishing to join a strong community with similar values and background to their own. Another strong reason, even if you're not a 'helping professional' is that they are ICF accredited and training via phone.


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