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Summary Statistics

Region: Global   Add your review
ICF Relationship: Accredited    
Training Platform: Teleclass    
Training Hours: 200+    
Year Founded: 1992    

US$5710 or $6460 for lifetime learning
plus $220 for books


Refunds: No    
Training Special: No    
Preferred Provider: No    

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Coach U has not made a training special available through

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Comprehensive Coaching U (Global/Teleclass)

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  • Longest running school
  • Strong name recognition
  • Many training hours


  • Many training hours
life coach training
Sandy Vilas

* * *

CoachU was founded in 1988 by Thomas Leonard, often thought of as the father of coaching, and in 1996 it was sold to Sandy Vilas while Thomas proceeded to build a second school. The school has trained more coaches than any other school, and is very well known and respected.

The training of Coach U is comprehensive. To go through the Coach Training will take about 2 years, and you will be investing at least 200 hours in this program. This is great if you enjoy lots of information and have the time to spend. However, some people may not like the idea of all those training hours, especially if you have been coaching a while.

Training at CoachU is done by teleclasses, workbooks and tests on CD-ROM, and downloadable reference materials. Teleclasses are typically provided weekly and consist of 4 one-hour sessions of 20-26 participants.

You will need a mentor coach, which will be a separate cost.


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