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Review of The Coaching Academy (UK)

(formerly Life Coaching Academy (UK))

Summary Statistics

Region: United Kingdom /Europe   Add your review
ICF Relationship: Aligned    
Training Platform: Face to Face + Teleclass    
Training Hours: 125+    
Year Founded: 1999    
Cost: £2,637 (approx. US$4,850)    
Refunds: No    
Training Special: No    
Preferred Provider: No    

School Training Special

The Coaching Academy has not made a training special available through

Can you suggest an alternative school which does have a training special?

Yes, as alternatives to this school we suggest:

Life Coaching Academy (Australasia/ICF Accredited/Face to Face + Teleclass)

Academy for Coach Training (US & Canada/Face to Face + Teleclass)

Or use our School Chooser WizardT to find your best-fit school.



  • biggest trainer of coaches in the UK/Europe
  • aligned with ICF competencies
  • face to face for initial course, followed by teleclass/telephone


  • no refunds once registered
  • mixed feedback from students

* * *

The Coaching Academy (TCA) was founded by Jonathan Jay in 1999. Jonathan, passionate about personal development, was really the first to bring coach training to the UK on a major scale.

The company has grown very quickly, and unfortunately it seems quality may have suffered. Jonathan actually sent me every single feedback form from a recent coach training weekend. I went through and read every one of the 100+ forms he sent me. And I found that 93% reported the initial coaching weekend met or exceeded their expectations. This strikes me as very high, as there will always be a small percentage that was expecting something else. (For some it's too much detail, for others it's too little etc.). But more importantly, a large proportion of the comments were very positive. However, some feedback has indicated that the 'bang' and the customer support isn't as strong following this initial weekend.

The school reports several students have - following their TCA training - applied to the ICF for accreditation and been accepted. So it would appear the curriculum is 'ICF Aligned'.

The combination of face to face training and teleclasses gives you the best of both worlds. Firstly, you get to connect strongly with your new community of coaches, and motivate yourself for the road ahead during an intense training weekend. And - you then get to save yourself further travel and time by taking the rest of the training via a proven teleclass (teleconferencing) platform, and mentor phone services.

The main disadvantage of this school is they seem to have excellent marketing and do a brilliant introduction weekend, but support can be lacking once you're in. This may be less of an issue for you if you are the self-motivated and more independent type. Also bear in mind that like many schools they require 100% financial committment - meaning once you're in there are no refunds.


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