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Review of 'Coaches Training Institute'

Summary Statistics

Region: Global   Add your review
ICF Relationship: Accredited    
Training Platform: Face to Face + Teleclass    
Training Hours: 125+    
Year Founded: 1992    
Cost: US$3,395 (convert)    
Refunds: Pro-rata    
Training Special: No    
Preferred Provider: No    

School Training Special

The Coaches Training Institute has not made a training special available through

Can you suggest an alternative school which does have a training special?

Yes. As alternatives to this school we suggest:

Academy for Coach Training (US & Canada/ICF Accred/Face to Face + Teleclass)

International Coach Academy (Global/ICF Aligned/Teleclass)

Or use our School Chooser WizardT to find your best-fit school.



  • ICF accredited
  • Pro-rata refund policy
  • Face to face plus teleclass


  • Unclear how established they are outside US.
  • Requires travel for face to face training component
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* * *

The Coaches Training Institute has been training coaches for 11 years, and was one of the first schools to receive ICF certification. The co-founders are Laura Whitworth, a former CPA, Karen Kimsey-House, MCC, an entrepreneur and Henry Kimsey-House, an actor and the main designer of the coaching course curriculum. The coach training is based on the Co-Active Coach Model, which is a "wholistic alliance between client and coach".

CTI has quite a bit of face-to-face training, so if you don't live near by you will need to factor in some traveling. This company is branching outside the US: their web sites in Norway and Japan seem comprehensive, but Canada, Australia and the UK sites didn't have much concrete information at the time of this review. So how established they are outside the US is still unclear.

All the core coaching classes are face-to-face and you don't move up to teleclasses until certification time. You begin with five core classes, each 2-3 days. Once the core classes are done, then you go through certification training by teleclasses. The coaching calendar was also coming up with an error so we weren't able to find out the when and where of the classes. Hopefully this is because the web site was in transition, and not a sign of quality standards at the school.

The refund policy is a plus, but it comes with a higher price tag. This is a well-established school with a good name in the industry.

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