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1) Responsibility and SolutionBox™ Pty. Ltd. are not responsible for any purchases you make with any third parties. This includes all training courses and coaching kits. If you have any issues with these products or services, you agree the vendor in question is responsible.

The information on this web site is subject to change and, despite our efforts, may contain errors. You agree to verify all information with your own independent research before relying on any information provided by us. We will not be responsible for any actions you take or do not take based on any information on our site.

2) Training Specials

  • We will send your special 30 days after enrollment, providing the fees you have paid to the school exceed US$2,500 (so in some cases you may qualify when you upgrade from an entry level course to the school's full certification course).
  • You must give the school your Referral Code when signing up for the training and paying your fees. Failure to do this jeopardizes your Training Special.
  • The school must acknowledge to us that you have been referred by and send us a fee to cover your training special. If they fail to do this, we are not liable to provide the training special, and you must take it up with the school in question. (In most cases this would only happen if you forget to mention your Referral Code upon signing up.)
  • You must return or pay for your product if your fees are ever refunded from the school.
If I'm on a payment plan, can I get the special?

Yes. As soon as the fees received by your school reach US$2,500, just email us at and we'll send your Training Special, provided 30 days have passed since enrollment.

If I sign up for an entry level course, can I still get the special?

Yes, but it would normally not be available until you upgrade to another course. For example, if you enrolled in an entry level course for US$1,000, and six months later upgrade to the full certified training and paid a further US$2,000, you would then become eligible for your training special.

If I miss the deadline above, can I still get a special?

Yes - there will always be a training special with our Preferred Training Providers. However, if your fees are not paid by the deadline above, you may be eligible for a lesser value special.

3) SolutionBox Privacy Policy

As the owner of BecomeaCoach, SolutionBox™ maintains the following privacy policy:

a) Subject to item b), we will NEVER pass your details to any third party without your consent.

b) We may supply your name only to one or more training schools to verify your training special eligibility, and ensure you receive credit.

c) We may contact you from time to time to request your feedback or opinion on the service, and/or to let you know about any material changes to the service or special offers. Such contacts will be respectful and appropriate.

e) We will provide Remove Links or Removal Instructions on all our broadcast mailings to you. This does not include any personal emails to you (e.g. regarding a customer support request).

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