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Marketing is a huge cost for coach training schools. It costs them up to US$2 just for you to click at a search engine and visit their site. And advertising at conferences cost a small fortune - it's not an easy business, and I should know because I used to own a school.

On the flip side, new coaches ask us every day where they should train. They're tired of wading through the mass of information on the internet, and trying to work out which school is best for them. They know I know the industry inside out, and many know that I've recently sold my shares in the school
I started - leaving me independent of any school.

Somehow these two sides had to come together, and the solution is so simple! We've selected some of the top coaching schools, designated them Preferred Training Providers, and negotiated training specials with them. When someone enrols with one of these schools, they send us a fee which more than covers the cost of a training special we provide to the student. So everybody wins.

Of course you can still read our recommendations and go directly to the school and just walk in the front door. But if you mention we sent you - if you mention the special referral code we give you - they'll add it to your record. Then if/when you do choose to enroll, we'll provide you with a coach training product product worth between US$97 and US$297.

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If you need any further information at all, we're happy to help - just zip us an email.


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