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Recording Phone Sessions and Teleclasses to Computer

Why Record Coaching Sessions or Teleclasses?

Imagine doing your most powerful coaching session or teleclass ever, and realising no-one could ever listen to that again. It's lost forever! I've successfully recorded more than 100 coaching calls (with permission of course) to my hard drive. And with excellent quality.

Here are some reasons to record your sessions:

First, so you can listen to your sessions and hear what's missing from your coaching. Great training tool. (You might also share it with your mentor coach - again with permission).

Second, so you can share it with a client as an added bonus. (Yes - sometimes I convert to real audio and email the session to them!) When the session is one that produced a major shift for them, imagine them being able to re-listen to it once a month, or even years later, to be reminded of their new shift and commitment.

Third, so you can sell your teleclass recordings online and make money while you sleep.

Fourth, so you have something to hand the ICF if/when you go for your audio examination.

Why Record Calls Directly to My Hard Drive?

Simply because it saves a step. Many people can record to tape. But then you need to sit there and connect up your recorder to your computer, and buy software that can do real time recording. Personally I don't have time. Here I'll tell you how to record straight to a file on your hard drive, so you can upload it to the internet, edit it, convert it, and/or email it.

How Do I Do It?

Here’s how I do it, using a simple piece of software I found:

1) Install Veritape from this link. While if you dig around you can get a free version, I found this frustrating as you can't send the recordings to anyone, can't compress them, and have to deal with ads. And as this program is worth so much more than the US$50 they ask, you can save yourself some time and aggravation by buying it outright.

2) Connect your modem to your phone line.

3) Call your client or connect to your teleclass (from the same phone line, different socket or connection of course)

4) Start Veritape recording

5) Choose Save

And that's it!

How Do I Handle Distortion Problems?

One of the biggest problems I had was that my voice was SO MUCH louder than the incoming voice. There's no way around this using one phone line (that I know of). So if you have or install a second phone line, here's the flash of brilliance that come to me one day in bed - and has allowed crystal clear recording ever since. It's a little tricky, but worth the effort if you're having distortion problems.

1) Install Veritape as above.

2) Connect your modem to a second phone line - we'll call it the Recording Line.

3) From your normal phone line - let's call it the Client Line - call the Recording Line (just as you would dial a friend).

4) As the recording line is attached to your computer's modem, answer this call by clicking Record on the Veritape menu on your computer (your modem will answer the call). You are now recording (even though at this stage you are just recording you on the Client Line! Note you can use this method to record a speech or lecture for sale on the internet if you like, and/or for use by your clients).

5) Now we just need to add the client. From the Client Line, create a three way conference call with your client. (How to do this will vary by country, so check with your phone company. In Australia I just press Recall, dial the client number, and dial Recall 3 when they answer. The charge is the normal client call, 50 cents flat for conferencing, and 20 extra cents for calling myself.) This works because you (Client Line), the recording computer (Recording Line), and the client are all on different lines, putting you and the client on a par volume-wise relative to the recorder. The three parties are in a three way conference.

You now have a .wav file of great quality.

Click here if you would like to buy Veritape and start recording.


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