ICA Training

"I would be delighted to share why I love being at ICA and what is so wonderful about it.

ICA approaches training differently than any other program I am familiar with. The innovative three tier training model is unique in that it allows the student to customize their training.

a) There is an on-line tutorial aspect of the course where students can study when it is convenient to them and do exercises that expand their understanding of the material.

b) There is an on-line aspect of the course where students can go into a discussion board and post their leanings, obtain feedback from other students and trainers, and receive and provide coaching on various aspects of the coaching process.

c) The students also attend teleclasses that provide an in-depth look at the material and allow the students to examine their own perspectives and have hands on experience with the material.

In addition to the holistic approach to training, each new student is teamed with an advanced student coach that supports them through matriculation into the program, as well as building their personal practice. The new student is not left to flounder on their own, but receives personal one-on-one coaching that supports them with the life transition they are making.

ICA is a tight nit community where support is a way of life. Each student is treated as an individual and receives individual attention from the administrative staff and the trainers. The staff at ICA is accessible and willing to help students and they move through the process of learning and growing. At ICA we not only teach how to coach, we provide an environment where each student can personally grow and challenge themselves to be the best coach they can be."

Rachelle Disbennet-Lee, MCC

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