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To save you time, we've added some extra tools here so you can get them all in one place, instead of going all over the site.

This valuable package is normally $97, but free of charge for our newsletter subscribers. (If you're not a subscriber, simply ensure the newsletter box is checked and you will still qualify).

How can we give away something that's worth hundreds of dollars, and cost thousands to put together? We want to get the word out about And we figure the best way to have you tell your friends, is to give you something very valuable, and to give it away completely free.

With over 100 training schools springing up, and much confusion over certification, our aim is to help you navigate the confusing coach training mine-field to choose the right school for you.

Yes. Please grant me access to the School Chooser Wizard™, Independent Report, Training Specials and Mini eCourse. Please also waive the $97 fee as I am an existing newsletter subscriber, or will be joining your free newsletter (MentorMonthly™) community today, and it's too early in our relationship to start spending money!

When I submit the form below I will be receiving free of charge:

Independent Report on Coach Training and Certification (Value $49)

School Training Special (Value $97 - $297)
With a small number of the top schools we have negotiated a training special for our subscribers, worth between US$97 and $297, depending on the month. We'll send you details of how to get this special.

School Chooser Wizard (Value $19)
Our system matches your training requirements with schools in our database with which we have negotiated training specials, and sends you your Best-Fit School.

Training Email Series (Value $19)
A series of additional tips to choose the right accrediting body, the right certification, and the right school for you. Plus extra resources for the new coach.

50 Power Questions (Value $19)
Fifty coaching questions you can use firstly for your own life and goals, and then with your clients.

Email Support (Value $29)
To answer any additional questions you may have as you go through this important stage of your career. This is perhaps the most crucial item.


(Note: If you're still thinking this is too way to valuable to give away, click here for background)

I understand you have a strict policy of never sharing my email address with any third party, and that I may unsubscribe at any time with two clicks of the mouse.

Here Are My Training Preferences

Once you enter the type of training you are after, we will compare your preferences to the select schools with which we have negotiated training specials.

We will email you your 'Best Match' school, plus details of how to register and claim your training special.

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Please also tell me how to get an entire school's curriculum as a self study course for under $1,000:


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Internet Marketing
(Ways to build your client base and income using the internet)

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