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Are you ready to be a coach?

You will need a java-enabled browser for this quiz or you can add up your score by hand.

I am excited and passionate about life.
My friends and family have been coming to me for help with life situations for years.
I can fight the urge to fix a person and am able to support them in finding their own solutions.
I know how to encourage. I see the potential in people.
I know how to ask the needed questions, even if they are difficult.
I understand business and marketing.
I value honesty and integrity.
I enjoy collaborating with other people and synthesizing ideas.
I have another job, savings or other income to make me financially secure until my coaching business turns profitable.
I am self-directed and can motivate myself to accomplish tasks.
I communicate well.
I genuinely care for other people and wish them the best.
I am able to clarify what people are saying so they can see more clearly.
I love to learn and am open to new things.
I have a strong support system of family, friends and other coaches.

Total Score

Now look at your total score.

12-15 You are a natural coach. Coaching comes second nature to you. Fine tune some areas to become a great coach.

7-11 You have good potential to become a coach. With some training and practice you can become an inspiring coach.

0-6 You'll need some work to become a coach. Concentrate on getting some coach training.


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